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How to Share Files Between Android and Windows Phone With Feem

You have some astonishing documents on your Android cell phone and you need to send them to your companion’s Windows Phone gadget. Anyway the Internet is down or you would prefer not to consume up valuable megabytes off your information pack. So what do you do to send these documents? There’s a simple way and

How to Manually Update Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome is one of our most loved Web programs for Windows. One of the reasons why we like it is that it upgrades itself consequently out of sight. You don’t get any irritating warnings about the upgrade and you don’t get pop-ups requesting that you restart the program. Everything happens quietly and functions of

How to Grant or Deny an iOS App Access to Your Location

A significant number of the applications you introduce request authorization to get to your area – and if the application appears valuable, you’re going to permit it as a rule. Be that as it may we have a tendency to disregard this thereafter, and over the long run, you’ve got twelve separate applications that are

How to Turn Off Automatic App Updates in Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 8.1

Numerous cell phone clients download unreasonably numerous applications for them to continue upgrading every one physically. Fortunately, the major application stages all have programmed application redesigns now, and the default setting for this is ‘On’. This implies that your applications will stay avant-garde with all the most recent peculiarities and bug-settles that the designers concoct,

How to Book a Visit to Rashtrapati Bhavan Online

With the quantity of Internet clients in India shooting up, it was inexorable that the administration take action accordingly and bring structures and applications on the web. To guarantee that our perusers are cutting-edge on the diverse government works that you can utilize on the web, we’re trying out the distinctive destinations ourselves, to give

How to Backup Amazon Kindle Ebooks

Amazon is maybe the greatest wellspring of legitimate ebooks on the planet, whether through the different Kindle applications you can discover on cell phones and even PCs, or through the Kindle digital book perusers. We’ve utilized the Kindle Paperwhite and the new Kindle seventh era, and affection utilizing Amazon’s digital book perusers yet having all

How to Transfer PF Online

With more government capacities going on the web, we feel it is vital for our perusers to know how to utilize the diverse instruments that are currently accessible. Truth be told, it is currently conceivable to document a RTI, request a travel permit, seek a PAN card or download a duplicate of your Aadhaar card,

How to View Lost Webpages

In the event that a site page you needed to open is not available – for which the reasons could run from a brief system issue to a page being expelled from the site altogether – then you don’t have to lose trust. It’s really conceivable to recoup went down renditions of most pages from

How to Remotely Control Your Computer From a Phone or Tablet

Your mom is having an issue with the PC at home yet notwithstanding providing for him directions for 60 minutes, he can’t settle the issue. One approach to verify he’s really emulating the steps you’re directing via telephone would be to utilize his telephone as a webcam to rapidly take a gander at the screen,